Creating is Healing

We believe that we were all created in the image of a creator God, and that we need to express our innate ability to create. Engaging the hands and the mind in creative endeavors has been shown time and again to relieve stress, build up our resilience and ability to bounce back from hardships, and elevate mood and emotions.

We offer therapeutic creative activities to individuals who have endured a crisis, or trauma, and/or suffer from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem who are ready to create and be recreated in the process.  In today's society, that pretty much describes all of us!  We supply the materials and guidance to express your inner self and explore your own creativity.

We strive to present a safe and nurturing environment where you can feel free to be yourself and create whatever you want, with a creative facilitator on hand to answer questions or guide you in techniques and artistic style. We have structured classes and workshops as well as open studio time where artists can come "do your own thing."

You can be a part of this exciting ministry by donating today! Thank you for supporting Butterfly Stitchers.


Therapeutic arts and crafts

We believe that creating is healing. Those individuals that have been traumatized and marginalized suffer deep emotional injuries, and may suffer from symptoms of PTSD. We offer these individuals the opportunity to create and be recreated with materials like paints and canvases, beads and findings for jewelry making, clay for sculpting, and many other activities to unleash their creativity. We facilitate the creative process each step of the way with love and respect, offering them a safe place to express themselves creatively through arts and crafts.

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After School Art Program (ASAP)

ASAP offers Junior High and high school students the opportunity to drop in after school and use the studio to create art with a creative facilitator. We ask for any size donation if they are able, but it is not an obstacle if they don't have the money.

The studio is in the same building as the West campus of Denver Street School, so those students can just drop in after school, but we are also available to any teen in the community. We want to be available to any one who desires to express themselves creatively through arts and crafts.

We hope to be able to add an elementary after school art in the future, possibly in concert with Mean Street Ministry's after school program starting in January of 2018. Keep watching for updates on this program.


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Craft Socials

Working with your hands in a group is a great way to bond together. When your mind and hands are engaged in creative activity, your social inhibitions are lifted, which enables you to share and receive input in more positive pathways. This is one of may reasons we say Creating is Healing!

We can manage your next get together with crafting activities that will engage a wide audience. Birthday parties (No matter what age), wedding or baby showers, singles groups, ladies night out, and any other occasion where people will gather to socialize, we can offer a wide variety of craft activities to suit any occasion or audience.

We also sponsor a unique annual craft fair called Christmas Craftapalooza. This event is unique in that you get to participate in the crafting of items you would just normally purchase from a crafter. Although you can still peruse many beautiful handmade items from a roomful of talented vendors, each vendor will also have mini-workshops where you can build or make something yourself. There is nothing like the pride you get when you can give an item you have made yourself as a gift.

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Check out our calendar

We have several programs for teens and adults that may interest you, and more activities are being added all the time. Whether it is a class, an open studio, or an event, we want to help you find your inner creative self.

We want to be able to reach as many people as possible, but it all costs money. Every $25 you give allows a teen to attend after school art for one month, one woman to participate in a crafting workshop, or one student at Hope Academy to enjoy therapeutic crafting once a week. Thank you for supporting Butterfly Stitchers mission.