Our Mission

We educate and instruct, empower and inspire, offering creative activities that engage the participants hands, hearts, and minds, facilitating each step of the creative process in a safe, therapeutic and healing environment.


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How did it all start?

The founders, Yvonne Tillapaugh and Jennifer Groskopf, discovered their mutual love of arts and crafts, and their heart for the hurting while working together at a national chain of hobby stores. As their friendship grew, so did the vision for a non-profit to bring therapeutic crafting to individuals who have endured trauma and hardship resulting in emotional distress and hurt. They formed the non-profit in 2016, and named the organization Butterfly Stitchers. Although we do much more than just needlework, we liked the hidden meaning behind the name.

A caterpillar encloses itself in a cocoon, and soon emerges as a butterfly with beautiful wings.

A butterfly stitch is a narrow bandage that holds the edges of a wound together so healing can take place.

That is our desire: to hold the wounded and offer therapeutic creative activities that will bring wholeness and healing, allowing each individual to discover the beauty that has been in them all along.

Meet the Team

Butterfly Stitchers is more than an organization; it is a passion for creating, and a heart for healing. The founders have been crafting for a combined total of almost 90 years!


Yvonne Tillapaugh

Founder & Executive Director

Yvonne graduated from Metro State University with a BA in Speech    with Theater Emphasis, and a minor in Music Education. She has taught music, art, drama, and science at the elementary and secondary levels in private schools for a total of about 11 years, as well as directing and writing plays and musicals, designing and building costumes, stage lighting, sets and props, and acting. She has a lifelong love of sewing and creating, and loves both learning and sharing knowledge and skills. Yvonne and her husband Tom have been in Denver for 33 years, moving here from Oklahoma to start Denver Street School.



Jennifer Groskopf

Co-founder , Communications Manager, Creative Facilitator

Jennifer has been involved in creative arts since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She has a BA in Textile Arts with a minor in Counseling, and is currently working on her Masters in Trauma Counseling. She has experience in knitting and crochet, harvesting and spinning animal fibers, and has a heart for hurting individuals. She has an endless list of ideas floating around in her head, and sees possibilities in the smallest details. Jennifer is a survivor of breast cancer, and is a strong advocate for the healing power of creating.

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Estrella (Star) Tillapaugh

Administrative Assistant, Creative Facilitator

Estrella (Star) studied Message Therapy and Healing Arts in Texas, and is hoping to renew her license here in Colorado. She believes that the power of touch administers healing both physically and emotionally. She has a passion for people, and agrees with our mantra, that creating is healing. She knows from experience that expressing your inner creativity can lift depression and help build self-esteem. Star has been making jewelry for over 8 years, and enjoys all forms of art. Star's first language is Spanish, and is a valuable asset to our team as a bilingual crafter.

Let us help you unleash your creativity

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